About AAA: Alissa Ashley Ackerman. The Story Behind AAA Freelancing.

Homeschooled. That word alone is already full of connotations…

Did I get the socialization that was needed? Or was my time spent isolated from the rest of the world? Did it turn me into a freak? Or did it prepare me to fit in with a large variety of people? Did I come from a huge family? Or was I a spoiled single child? Were there large gaps in my education? Or was I a child genius, obsessed with filling my time with educational activities? 

Did I check all the boxes of questions that crossed your mind?

The short answer is that my education was fairly chaotic, and at times negative, but also richly full of good.

Oldest of 5, I started educating myself at age 11 to take the burden off of my mom’s plate, (mostly out of fear that I wasn’t getting the schooling I needed) and I slowly became isolated and obsessed with my education through high school.

–But the answers to those questions are not the point.

The point is a memory…just a little memory:

When my mom was especially proud of my school work, she would joke: “You get an A++!”

That has always been what I’ve strived for… Not just because of that, either–My very initials, “AAA”, are essentially “A++”. My own name is a constant reminder to seek excellence and give beyond expectations.

For a time it was very unhealthy–as I expected far more than I was truly capable of and led myself to burnout, again and again.

I’ve come to terms with it, becoming more fair to myself–But I still strive for excellence and am happy to give the best I can, continuing to grow with each project.

Additionally, stories have always had high importance to me. Especially life stories and the fullness of understanding you can get from hearing other people’s angles.

These two values, excellence and stories, make up the core of AAA Freelancing’s branding.

Telling your story with excellence is my passion. It doesn’t matter if it’s in word or image–Your story needs to be told, and my promise to you is that the results will be A++ content that drives curiosity in your customers or audience.

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