What is Branding?

What is branding?… No, you’re not crazy for asking that question.

Many people ask it, and many more people secretly wonder what it is, assuming it has something to do with logos.

It doesn’t help that the Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol in order to advertise its products and services.” It’s much more than that.

Branding goes far beyond what your logo looks like or what colors you use… It’s the entire public essence of your business!

But what does that mean?… Let’s explore the depths of branding and some other examples of what it is!

What Does Branding Include?: 

Branding includes many elements, not exclusive to this list: Brand name, tagline, product design, color palette, typography, and packagingIt also includes more abstract customer experiences like voice and tone, marketing campaigns, social media presence, customer service, and company culture.

What is Branding?: Simply, The Perception of Your Business.

What do people think about your business? That’s your brand. Good or bad.

Branding is the act of creating that perception of your business. Influencing how people see it.

What is Branding?: The Public Representation of the Heartbeat of Your Business.

You know the heart of your business…The values you uphold in it, the passion that drives you to work on it, the story behind starting it…But do your potential clients hear this heartbeat?

Good branding is all about taking the purpose of your business and making it clear for potential customers to understand and remember.

What is Branding?: Your Business’ Story, Told in Image and Copy.

For the heart of something to be understood, you need to tell a story!

Branding is storytelling through both visuals and writing… Your logo is part of your branding just as much as your sales copy, and both need to tell a story about the heart of your business.

Why Does Branding Matter?:

You now have an idea of what branding is… But “Why is it important?” you might be asking.

That’s a whole other story!

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